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REALTORS: 6 Tips for Hosting an Open House in Winter

When the days get darker and colder, an open house may not be as inviting to those living in colder climates. But there are some things you can do to warm potential buyers’ up to your open house. Broker-owner Joe Moshe with Charles Rutenberg Realty offers the following tips: Keep driveways and walkways clear. On snow days, make sure to shovel the walkway and driveway so the path to the home is clear. Apply rock salt or ice melt on pathways to help prevent ice and potential slip-and-fall accidents. Shovel the sidewalk and part of the street. Avoid buyers having to walk down the block in snow. Be sure to shovel the sidewalk and part of the street in front of the house too. Stage the inside of the house: Remove any clutter, clean windows, mop floors, vacuum rugs, and dust the furniture. Offer up a cozier feel. For example, light a fire in the fireplace and rearranging the furniture to give rooms a more spacious look. Here are more tips for capturing that mood.  Let the light in. Draw back the curtains so natural light flows in. The sunlight will shine onto the snow and into the house, which can make the inside feel brighter, Moshe says. Turn up the thermostat. Make sure to keep the inside of the home a reasonable temperature. Don’t let it get too cold or too hot. Source: Charles Rutenberg Realty For more info on becoming a salesperson with iPro click here.

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