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The Key Listing Ad Words that Attract Buyers

Most buyers have “hardwood floors” and “granite countertops” on their minds when reading listing ad copy, but their preferences can differ somewhat after that. Depending on where consumers live, they may be more apt to be drawn to listing ads that point out the “cozy fireplace,” “pool,” or “brick home.”

Point2 Homes, an online real estate marketplace, analyzed more than 1.2 million listings in July 2019 to see the most common words that agents used when describing the homes they’re selling.

“The listings emphasize what makes that property unique and desirable, whether that is a ‘ranch-style home’ in the Midwest or the ‘swimming pool’ that is almost a must in the South,” the researchers note in the study.

Regardless of region, adjectives could be a real estate pro’s friend when it comes to livening up listing copy for a property. The analysis found that adjectives are more common in the top price tier of properties. For example, adjectives like “gorgeous,” “bright,” and “elegant” can “create an edge for a property that already has it all, helping stand out even more,” the researchers note.

Source: “Real Estate Keywords: The Most Popular Home Description Words in 2019,” Point2 Homes (Nov. 6, 2019)